EU data protection regulation

Business compliance will be strictly enforced once this takes effect.
With EU data protection regulation in place, Europe’s digital economy is expected to significantly improve
and data protection will be “future proof”.

Why do we need another law?

The new regulation is a comprehensive reform of the 1995 directive, which is subject
to the national laws of each of the 28 EU member states. This seeks to unify the different,
and sometimes conflicting, laws in the region, while safeguarding the fundamental
rights of the citizens.

Six key things you need to know about EU data protection regulation


EU is currently finalizing the new Data Protection Regulation and it will likely be enforced this year.


Everyone who holds data on European citizens is affected, even if they are not located in EU.


Fines for non-compliance
could add up to millions.


Hardware encryption is the best way to secure personal data.


A lot of businesses aren’t ready yet, but you can reduce your compliance risk.


Details and roadmap
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